Historical Information Science

Vladimirov V. N., Shchetinina A. S. Social Science History: moments of history

Korchagin P. A., Cherepanova E. S. Thematic layer “Water-Portage Ways” of the GIS “Historical and Cultural Heritage of Perm Region”: features and possibility of analysis by the methods of GIS technologies

Yeremieieva E. A. “Is a Communist an Optimist?”: measuring cheerfulness of the society (on the example of content-analysis of the Soviet Ukraine political humour)

History in Public Space

Nagornaya O. S. Remembering First World War in Germany and Russia: commemorative exhibitions between heroism and humanism

Sapon V. P. "Kozma Minin… gets up and looks at us…" (Minin’s feat as a factor of patriotic mobilization of Russian society during the First World War)

Krasilnikova E. I. Representation of the past in the Omsk regional museum’s exposition (1929 – the first half of 1941)

Russia during the "Long Revolution" of the 1900s – 1920s

Pazin R. V. "The Union of October 17" and political terror of early XX century

Samokhina G. A. Russian Liberal historians of early XX century on Russia’s position in the Entente and its national interests

Tarasov K. A. The tactics of the Bolshevik military organization on the issue of the June offensive in 1917

Rukosuev E. Yu. The Yekaterinburg Bureau of the Council of Congresses of the Ural miners in 1917-1919

Domovitova P. Ya. Information warfare of political alliances in the “White” Urals

Selyaninova G. D. Teachers in the Urals in the conditions of transformations after February 1917

History of Soviet Society

Kaziev S. Sh. Resettlement question in the Soviet national politics in Kazakhstan in the 1920s

Kometchikov I. V. The institution of authorized representatives in the Сentral Nechernozemye villages of the middle 1940s – early 1960s

Klinova M. A. Soviet fashionable discourse (second half of the 1970s – 1980s): evolution of broadcasted consumer strategies

Troyakova Yu. K. Soviet historiography of culture and creative intelligentsia of the Southern Siberian national regions in 1965–1991

Kamenskaya E. V. Chinese "Cultural revolution" of the second half of the 1960s in the Soviet media and in people’s perception

History of Europe

Nosov V. A. "Ljubljana Four" trial and its importance in the context of the Yugoslav crisis of the late 1980s

Foreign Research Centers for Russian History

Kotkina I. A. How Russia is studied in Sweden: four views of researchers

Suslov M. D. "...The Enemy Who Depersonalized Us and Enslaved Us": The Concept of «Germanness» in Late Imperial Debates

Mjør K. J. Russian history and european ideas: The historical vision of Vasilii Kliuchevskii

Rabow-Edling S. Liberalism and Nationalism in Russia. Boris Chicherin as a modernist nationalist


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