Historical Information Science

Volodin A. Yu. Digital Humanities in search of self-defining

Zhukov D. S., Kanischev V. V., Lyamin S. K., Movchko Y. I. Fractal modeling center: the development of tools for the study of social phenomena

Yeremieiev P. V. "Schism is maintained by women": specificity of sex and age structure of old believed population in Kharkiv province (1825–1917))

Lyagushkina L. A. Social portait of the Great Terror victims (1937-1938) in Karelian ASSR

Mishina E. M. Social features of the Terror Victims in Altai region, 1935-1937: analysis of database and archive materials

Smetanin A. V. Semantic Text analysis of parliamentary speeches in the state duma of the Russian Empire: methodological aspects

Povroznik N. G. Creation of modern history-oriented information systems in the United States

Garskova I. M. Information support of the humanities research in digital era: models of formation and development

Salomatina S. A. Data reconstruction in historical statistics: commercial banks’ branches of the Russian Empire in 1897

Vladimirov V. N., Rygalova M. V. Foreign historiography on the problems and prospects of Geoinformational systems in historical research

Borodkin L. I. Virtual reconstruction of Moscow monasteries: projects in the context of Digital Humanities

Government Institutions in Russian History

Kiselev M. A., Krivoruchko A. S. Problem of the organization of noble self-government and preparation of "The Order for the Administration of Governorates" (1775)

Education System in Russian Empire

Arhangelskaya L. V. Female education in the Middle Urals towns in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries (jn the example of the Irbit gymnasium)

Pashkova T. I. Teachers’ "riot": jn the Issue of the unrest in the First Saint Petersburg non-classical secondary school (real’noe uchilishche), 1905–1906

Social and Foreign Policy Aspects of Military Conflicts

Kartseva N. P. Military clergy in ethnic formations of the Russian army, 1914-1917

Rubanov E. A. "Great Mongolia": the failed Japanese project of a buffer state in Eastern Asia in 1919

Uvarov S. N. Migration of rural population of Udmurtia during the Great Patriotic War

Academic Life

Klots A. R. VI International Social Science Summer School in Ukraine "Embracing the City: Memory, Contestation, Politics"


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