Modern Social History of Russia

Kosmovskaja А. A. Military functions of voivodes in Perm Kama region in the late XVI – XVII centuries

Alekseeva E. V. Polish influence on Russia in XVII century

Ignatieva O. V. Private collecting in the context of europeanization of Russia in XVIII – early XX centuries

Ushakov A. V. The meshchane of Kama-Vyatka region in XIX – early XX centuries: historical and demographical features

Ugryumova M. V. Acquisition, registration, storage and use of documents in the zemstvos archives

Formation of Soviet Russia

Domovitova P. Ya. The problem of «dual power» in the Urals under the regime of Alexander Kolchak (December 1918 – April 1919)

Hairetdinova N. E. On the nationalization of Russian theatres in 1919: the Ufa case

Vorobyev S. V. Temptations of the New Economic Policy: malfeasances of the Ural responsible officials and economic executives in the 1920s

Zykin I. V. Food supply of the Northern Transurals timber workers in the 1930s

Rebrova I. V. World of children's daily life during the occupation of the North Caucasus

Soviet City

Konysheva E. V. Adoption of European experience in urban planning and construction in the Soviet Russia in the 1920–1930s: phases and forms

Meerovich M. G. Regional planning in the context of the industrialization program: the first half of the 1930s - the initial stage of works on industrial zoning and accommodation

History of the Church and Religious Movements

Glushaev A. L. Holdouts: regional specificities of the baptist movement in the first half of the 1960s (based on the materials of Perm region)

Dobrokhotova М. А. The specifics of orthodox Mediasphere in Russia in the 1990–2000s on the example of printed periodicals

Historical Processes in Ukraine

Dugushina A. S. The cycle of birth rites among the Albanians under cross-cultural contacts in Southern Ukraine

Marshala A. Yu. The creation of cavalry military settlement in sloboda Ukraine

Ehrlich S. E. Memory of the Decembrists in independent Ukraine: textbooks and "places of memory"

History of Foreign Countries

Nikitin L. V. From blast furnaces to banks: development of credit sector in traditional industrial centres of the USA (the 1980s – early 2010s)

Book Review

Medovarov M. V. New research on the history of russian conservatism

Our publications

Sofjin D. M. The diary of the Grand Prince Sergey Alexandrovich, 1905


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