Archaeology and Ethnology

Serikov Yu. B. Сeramic and stone tools for manufacturing surfaces of clay vessels

Lychagina E. L., Poplevko G. N., Tsygvintseva T. A. A comprehensive analysis of the stone equipment of the Chernushka site (excavation II, 2003)

Kulikov F. I. The image of a private tomb’s owner of Old Kingdom Egypt as a subject of worship

Podosyonova Yu. А. Granulation and filigree in medieval jewelry of Perm region of the Urals

Denisov V. P. , Melnichuk A. F. Gagary III settlement in the Novoiliynsk antiquities of Perm Ural region

Sotnikovа S. V. Children's burials with the sets of astragals as a reflection of children's sphere of sacredness

Perevoshchikov S. E., Sabirova T. M. Metallurgical products in the Kama region (based on the materials of the Tarasovskiy burial ground, I–V centuries A.D.)

Kazantseva О. А. Bead items of the Kudashevsky I burial ground of the III–V centuries

Nechaeva S. V. Old german military community according to archaeologists and narrative tradition

Tekeeva L. K. Characters of the lowest mythology in traditional outlook of the North Caucasus Turkish-speaking peoples

Zhitenev V. S. Use of calcite in european paleolithic muraled cave monuments

History of Russia of XIX – early XX centuries

Shneyder K. I. Pavel V. Annenkov, a "superfluous man"

Golikova S. V., Dashkevich L. A. Saving children's lives: the Ural provinces’ experience in the late XIX – early XX centuries

Efremova U. P. Teaching and educational work in the Ural parish schools in the late XIX - early XX centuries

Ustyugova V. V. The last year of the “Belle Époque”, or province identification through cinema (the example of Perm region of the early XX century)

History of Historical Knowledge

Khryakov A. V. The struggle over history in the third reich. The fate of the Monumenta Germaniae histotica

Khromova E. B. Aron Ya. Gurevich and history of mentalities

Antonova N. V. The debates on Renaissance in Spanish historiography of the XX - early XXI centuries

Materials of the Conference “Projects of Modernity: Constructing ‘the Soviet’ in European Perspective”

Reznik A. V. To conflict and to control: study of practices of the opposition’s political struggle in the RCP(b) in 1923-1924

Kasatkina A. K. Country house (dacha) as a space of autonomy for a modern subject

Kochetkova E. A. Technologicalm in the Soviet Union in the 1950s – 1960s: the case of Svetogorsk pulp and paper plant


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