Social Groups and Social Practices in Modern and Contemporary History of Russian Society

Mukhina Z. Z. Beggary and beggar women in Russian peasant community of European Russia (second half of XIX - early XX century)

Stepnova D. A. The Soviet power’s Fight against orthodox pilgrimage to «sacred sites» in the 1950-1970s USSR (based on materials of the Penza region)

Tolochko A. V. On the activities of the naval historical club in 1927-1930s

Kabatskov A. N. "CleaNing The Space...": Deconstruction of Primary Social Groups During the great purge

Kamenskikh M. S. Chinese workers in the Kama region during Soviet-Chinese friendship: the problems of everyday life and adaptation

Russian Empire at the Turn of the XIX–XX Centuries

Poberezhnikov I. V. The North of Western Siberia in the context of Russian modernization of the XIX – early XX centuries

Prokhorova E. S. Party activity during the First Russian Revolution (1905–1907) as seen by the esers and the cadets

Gnoevykh А. V. Russian marxists AS seen by the journal "Russian Wealth" (1904-1914)

Ostrovskaya O. A. Leisure time in everyday life of socialist-revolutionary terrorists: statement of the question

Ryazanov S. M. Sigismund F. Kosetzky as a fighter against the revolution and his image in Perm publicistics

Kiryanov I. K. Georgy Lvov as a parliamentarian of original russian type

Debatable Issues of Source Studies and Historiography

Korchagin P. A. Essays on Great Perm’s early history: oikonymic grounds

Shevtsov V. V. "The Province Bulletin" in Soviet and Post-Soviet Historiography: main directions of research

Kosolapova D. I. Juvenile journalism in Russian historiography

Materials of the Conference “Projects of Modernity: Constructing ‘the Soviet’ in European Perspective”

Zhdankova E. A. Movie theatres in the USSR through the viewers’ eyes: expectations and everyday life during the nep (on the questionnaries and sociological survey conducted in cinemas)

Chashchukhin A. V. "If a Soviet Citizen Does not Know the Constitution, the Court is Caiting for Him". The Stalinist Myth in the Mirror of Schoolchildren’s Mistakes

Popov A. D. The Export of the soviet model of outgoing tourism: on the example of separated Germany

Stalinism in Action

Shishka V. G. Reasonable adoption: foreign experience as driving factor of soviet car industry in the late 1920s

Degtyareva M. I., Degtyareva N. E. "Looking back to 1937": inquest files of Perm priests suffered during the Great purge

Kimerling A. S. The Molotov echo of the 1946 ideological campaign: the local media expose Mikhail Zoshchenko and Anna Akhmatova

Suslov A. B. The authorities’ interruption into family life of special exiles in the postwar period

Political History of Foreign Countries

Kazakova G. Kh. A young French aristocrat’s view on the Great French Revolution (on the example of Chateaubriand’s “Experience on the ancient and modern revolutions”)

Smolnyak I. V. The attitude of The USA toward foreign policy of Turkey in 1939-1941

Demir Sh. Dagestan in the Caucasian policy of the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the XVIII century

Toporkov V. M. Russian national interests in Afganistan and the prospects of its regional policy

Sokolshchik L. M. Rick Santorum as a leader of American social conservatives

Vershinina D. B. French conservatism in early XXI century: new challenges and new leaders


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