The Perm University Herald, series “History”. 2001. Issue 1 (.pdf)


Loskutov Yu. V. On place of structures and civilizations in human history

Borisoff A. A., Vasilenko Yu. V. The Cultural Relativism in the USA: The Conception and the Perspectives

Kirjanov I. K. The types of the processes of modernization and political behavior of Russian electorate at the beginning of the XX century

Bubnov D. V. The Archidam’s Expedition to Italy (343-338 BC)

Kolobov A. V. The legionnairies – beneficiaries in the government by provinces of the Roman Empire (on the data from the Roman province of Dalmatia)

Prazdnikov A. G. The city dwellers as class of Medieval England?

Friesen O. R. Interpretation of the classical heritage in the French literature of the Renaissance epoch

Shmidt T. Z. The Reformist Strategy of Bernhard Bjulov, the German Reich chancellor

Bulakhtin M. A. The Polish model of parliamentary democracy of "the example of 1925" in the critics of Krakov’s conservatives

Borisoff A. A. The American Liberals and the Multiculturalism

Podvintsev O. B. The Scout and the Volunteer movements and post-Empire adaptation

Njurkaeva A. Z. Kosovo after the Crisis

Plotnikova G. N. The Russian Statesmen of the 2nd half of XIX – beginning of XX centuries from Point of View of A. F. Koni

Dementyev B. P. Why Bolsheviks came to authority and whether there were they a democratic party

Potemkina L. I. Liberals at Duma Election at the beginning of 20th century in Russian province (through the example of Perm and Vyatka regions)

Loukianov M. N. "Russia for Russian subjects!": Conservative opposition to Russian chauvinism on the eve of the Great War

Yankovskaya G. A. On the issue of Stalin’s award in the field of arts

Volgireva G. P. The problem of the individuality in the traditional culture (about A. F. Doubrovskykh, the book-lover and old-believer, 1900-1989)

Chagin G. N. In'va Komi-Permyaks in the ethnological descriptions by V. P. Nalimov

Ungvitsky V. N. The political memoirs


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