The Perm University Herald, series “History”. 2002. Issue 3 (.pdf)


General History

Bubnov D. V. The Making of Political Unity in South Italy during the second half of V century B.C.

Kolobov A. V. Main etaps of the Illyrology’ development and sufficient problems of the pre-roman history of Illyria

Prazdnikov A. G. Royal Power as Perceives by English Townsmen in the XIV-XV Centuries

Krasheninnikova Yu. A. French Classical Liberalism in A. D. Gradovsky and B. N. Tchitcherin’s Estimation

Schmidt T. Z. F. Naumann’s "Neudeutsche Wirtschaftspolitik" as Social Liberalism Manifesto

Bulakhtin M. A. Peasant Movement in the Policy of Krakov Conservatives in 1907-1914

Lapteva M. P. The phenomenon of misunderstanding: the role of Germany in the life of V. V. Nabokov

Ofitserov D. V. Political Tension on the Eve of the Second World War

Borisova N. V. Retrospective Analysis in a Comparative Research: Mexico and Russia

Golovtchanskaya E. Yu. Chineeze Diaspora Mentality in the USA of the 1990s

Ofitserov D. V. Synergy paradigm and investigation of conflikts

Russian History

Kirianov I. K. The State Duma in 1917

Ivanova M. A. Episodes of «Great Terror»: «Counter-Revolutionary Insurgent Organisation» Cases in 1937-1938 (based on Prikamye History)

Chernikh A. V. The Ethnic History of the Udmurts in Perm Prikamye of the XVI-XX Centuries

Chagin G. N. Russian Orthodox Religion in the History and the Culture of Solikamsk in the XVII – early XX Centuries


Nyurkaeva A. Z. Review on "Practical Work in Medieval History". Part 1, 2, 3/ Ed. by N. Devyataikina, N. Mananchikova, T. Mosolkina. Voronezh, 1999-2001

Nyurkaeva A. Z. Review on "Dubrovnik of the XIII – first half of the XV Century" by N. Mananchikova. Voronezh, 1999


A Survey of Sicilian and Italian Events in the Sixteenth Book of Diodorus Siculus (Dion and Timoleon)

Prikamye: Chronicle of Political Repressions and GULAG


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