Methodological Problems of Historical Knowledge

Krom M. M. What is a Historical Fact? The Evolution of Perception of a Basic Category of Historical Knowledge

British History Pages

Davidenko A. A. Gender Aspects of Gentlemanly Etiquette in Victorian Britain

Shein S. A. Concept of Traditional Values in the Programme and Strategy of British Conservatives: Elections of 2015 and 2017

Wars of the 20th Century and the Memory of Them

Baranov N. N. World War I in Popular Culture of Memory

Sadakov D. A. For the Extreme Case: USA, SyngMan Rhee and the Everready Operation in the Korean War (1952–1953)

Kobylin I. I., Nikolai F. V. Soviet-style Orientalism: Combatant’s Memories about Afghanistan War

From Parliament to Revolution: Political Processes in Russia in the early 20th Century

Ivankov E. V. «Elective Mood Quiet »: Political Struggle in the Elections to the State Duma of the 3rd Convocation

Bazhanov D. A. Radicalization of Power Institutions on Baltic Navy Ships in Autumn 1917

Economic Policy in Russia

Kosmovskaya A. A. Effectiveness of Russian Tax Policy (the Problem of Tax Arrears in Solikamsk Uezd in the 17th and 18th Centuries)

Balakin V. S. Social History of the Soviet Science: Academicians Vasily Nemchinov and Nikolay Fedorenko on Economic and Mathematical Methods in Optimal Planning (1960s – middle 1970s)

Soviet Man

Kuznetsova L. A. Discussions on the Form and Content of the Soviet Resort Rest (the 1920s – 1930s)

Zorin A. V. The Soviet Army in Czechoslovakia in 1945 in American Messages: Perception, Images, Stereotypes

Glushaev A. L. Atheistic Literature of the 1950s-1980s as a Source on the History of Evangelical Churches of the USSR

Russia of the 1990s: New Realities and Their Perceptions

Latyshev A. V. Tourism in Russia of the 1990s: Professional Expert Discourse

Karpenkina Y. V. «You Have Neither Taste nor Sophistication»: TV Advertising in Russia as a New social Phenomenon and its Perception by the Elder Generation of Russians, 1990–1995

Anniversary of Sergei Ivanovich Kornienko

Anniversary of Sergei Ivanovich Kornienko (.pdf)


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