History of the Urals

Kosmovskaya A. A. Local population and Perm voivodes: an institutional analysis of relationships

Arhangelskaya L. V. Girls’ primary secular education in Perm province in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries

Shuvalova Yu. B. Leisure reading during the First World War: specificity and content (on the materials of Perm province)

Marchenko A. N. Church and administrative transformations in Perm Diocese on the eve of the February Revolution

Solovyeva T. V. Ural in the context of the 1923 administrative reform projects

History of the Russian Empire

Kuznetsova E. I. Economic notes of General Land surveying as the source on the serf-ownership in Russia of the second half of the 18th century (on the example of Tula province)

Bogdanov S. V. The court staff of emperor Nicholas II

Kornienko S. I. Elections to the State Russian Imperial Duma of the third call: the possibilities of research on the base of GIS

History of the Soviet Society

Kolchanova Ju. S. «Nоt a Squabbler and not a Clan man. A good manager». The case of Sergey Martynenko

Korotun S. N. Ukrainization of the Voronezh region in 1923–1932

Kimerling A. S. Fight for yield: mobilization campaigns in village in 1946-1953 (on the example of Molotov region)

Nagornaia O. S. History of the Soviet outbound tourism in the context of the Cold War’s cultural diplomacy (1955-1991)

Responsibility of the Intellectual: Humanitarian Reflection and Social Practice

Bojanic P., Cherepanova E. S. How to write about the war? Franz Rosenzweig and Fritz Mauthner about the philosophy of war

Kruglova T. A. Post-imperial situation in the Soviet Russia in cultural strategies of artists: aesthetic and political, nationalistic and imperial

Sapiro G. The Debate on the Writer’s Responsibility in France and the United States from the 1920s to the 1950s

Ilchenko M. S. Image of the “Socialist City” in public rhetoric: debates of the interwar period and modern languages of description

History of Foreign Countries

Vershinina D. B. Gender studies in modern western historical knowledge: stages, theories, and research areas

Ibraev E. E. “Hero of the British Empire” in the propaganda of English colonial policy

Historical Memory and Historical Politics

Ovchinnikov A. V. «Revival» of Bolghar and Sviyazhsk:contemporary experience of constructing historical memory


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