Romashova M. V., Tararukhina E. S. «My dear fellow, you must understand that without work, without much troubles and problems, I am not used to live and I can not!» (Letters of Nikolay Meshkov to Ekaterina Bazhinа (Meshkova), 1914 – 1927) (.pdf)


Letters of the entrepreneur and philanthropist Nikolai Meshkov, the originals of which are kept in the History Museum of Perm State University, are published for the first time. The letters wereaddressedto Meshkov's second wife Ekaterina Bazhina. Their correspondence is an important indication of private life, love relationships of Meshkov as a backdrop of his active entrepreneurial, social and charitable activities.


Key words: Nikolay Meshkov, letters as a historical source, Perm State University, philanthropist, Ekaterina Bazhina.


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