Archaeology and Ethnology

Kotov V. G. Site-workshop Karyshkino-11 as a new дower зaleolithic monument of the SoutheRn Urals

Sotnikova S. V. Children's burials with sets of astragales as the reflection of gender-age stratification in the bronze age societies of eurasian steppes (the example of the Sintashta-Petrovsky, Potapovsky, and Pokrovsky types of monuments)

Mitriakov A. E. Bronze age settlement Simonikha I in the Udmurt Kama region

Maystrenko D. A., Melnichuk A. F. Oralovskoe lake II – settlement at the turn of late bronze age and early Iron Age in Northern Kama region

Goldina E. V. Beads in female burials of the Tarasovo burial ground in Middle Kama region, I-V centuries

Bernts V. A. Belts with rhombik elements (based on the materials of the mazunino cemeteries in Udmurt Kama region)

Korenyuk M. S. Metal anthropomorphic images of the early Iron аge in Perm Kama region

Pereskokov M. L. Final early Iron age ceramic of Perm region

Bryukhova N. G., Podosyenova Yu. A., Krylasova N. B. Plotnikovskiy burial ground jewelry of rodanovskaya archaeological culture (on 2011-2013 materials)

Lychagina E. L., Zaretskaya N. E. Results of radiocarbon dating of the Chashkinskoe lake geoarchaeological area’s monuments

Serikov Yu. B. On the question of identifying rock sacred places in the Middle Urals

Tuzbekov A. I. Stones in the rites of the Southern Ural Turkic population

Medvedev V. V. "…Beautifully enclosed by a willow fence"

The Russian Empire: the center and the regions

Roschupkin A. Yu. "…They came to the town Yelets and stood near the town, but were unable to make the town…" (events of summer, 1606 near Yelets: facts and interpretation)

Kryuchkov N. N. Artemiy Volynsky's position in the debate on the anonymous project “About economic and industrial needs of Russia” in 1735

Chagin G. N. Social and economic development of the Cherdyn-Pechora area in XVIII - early XX centuries

Ignatieva O. V. Serf art collectors of the Stroganov family: the Teploukhovs’ case

Public administration in Russian history: theory and practice

Andreev A. E. Supervision over the Tver province administrative bodies at the turn of XIX and XX centuries

Minyashev V. S. Democratization of political system in pre-election leaflets of the party of popular freedom (the cadets)

The Soviet society: politics and everyday life

Kolchanova Ju. S. World of things of a soviet engineer in the context of forced modernization in the 1930s (based on the Perm archives)

Chashchukhin A. V. Evacuees or deportees? Images of strangers and strategies of everyday life in the reports of the Kama region party leader

Religious aspects of the history of the USSR

Mukhin V. N. Position of the Orthodox believers in the Soviet society of the 1930s (the example of Kazan diocese)

Molodov O. B. Commissioners of the council for religious affairs and realization of the state religious policy in theRussian north, the 1960s – 1980s

History of the United States of America

Sokolshchik L. M. The rise of social conservatism in the USA (the 1970s – 1980s)

Luzin P. A. U.S. policy in Afghanistan and the transformation of regional “balance of power” system


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