General History

Domsky M.V. About the specific of Christian images’ transformation in Old German culture, (VIII – X centuries)

Kolobov A.V. Stages of Greek colonization on Eastern coast of Adriatic

Zamorjakhin A.V. The Problem of localization of some Gothic Places in Crimea according to Russian Historiography of XIX – beginning XX centuries

Schmidt T.Z. On social strategy of heavy industry magnates in Germany at the beginning of the XXth century

Njurkaeva. A.Z. Serbia before the First World War

Ofitserov D.V. The Locarno asymmetry of European security system and standing of Poland

Ofitserov D.V. Polish-German rapprochement in 1933 year and the question of a preventive war

Ushkevich N.F. Unification of Germany: political problems in cultural sphere

Batyanivsky V.N. Military, Political, economic Grounds of Central European Countries Enter to NATO (Polish Point of View)

Russian History

Korchagin P.A., Melnichuk A.F. On "Protogorod", if there was such an issue?

Shilov A.V. S.S. Abamelek-Lazarev in the History of Private Enterprise in the Urals

Telenkov A.V. "The Kama river and the Urals" by V.I. Nemirovitch-Danchenko as the source of Russian population in the Urals outlook study

Suslov M.D. The evolution of Russian conservative utopia in XIXth century

Suslov M.D. S.F. Sharapov’s political conception

Belouslutdseva V.V. The Perm citizen board in the 1905–1917


Aelius Donatus. On Parts of Speech

O.N. Bader and The Perm State University


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