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Serikov Yu. B. Stone Implements and Mineral Row of Garinskaia Paleolithic Site on the Sosva River 

Klement'eva T. Yu., Trufanov A. Ya. Neolithic Cultural and Chronological Complexes of the Bolshaya Umytia 109 Settlement 

Vybornov A. A., Lychagina E. L., Vasilyeva I. N., Melnichuk A. F., Kulkov M. A. New Data on the Periodization and Chronology of Novoilyinsky, Garinsky and Bor Sites of the Kama Region 

Ivanova M. G., Zhurbin I. V. Medieval Settlements Idnakar and Uchkakar in the Basin of the Cheptsa River: General and Special Development in Dynamics 

Krylasova N. B., Podosenova Yu. A., Sarapulov А. N. Production of Elements of Belt Sets in the Middle Ages (Based on the 2018 Excavation Materials from the Rodanovo Settlement) 

Snitkovskaya P. A., Usmanova E. R. Funeral Practice of Petrovka Culture on the Materials of the NovoilYiinsky Burial Ground 

Shkuratok Iu. А. About Toponymic Data in Historical Research 

Chronicles of Igor Narskiy. Anniversary of the Historian


Narskiy I. V. Anonymous Life, Anonymous Death, Anonymous Things: about Flea Market and Secondary Materiality 

Shenk F. B. Transcontinental Migration Gatewaysas Places of Modernity 

Salnikova A. A. City of Childhood in Autobiographical Narratives of Kazan Historians 

Malysheva S. Yu. Memory Operations: Evolution of the Historical Mythology of the “November” Holidays in Russia 

Slezkin Yu. L. "House on the Embankment", Weekend. Early 1930s 

Sirotkina I. E. Dancing under Instruction: Creating “Soviet Mass Dance” in the 1920s 

Fokin A. A. “The Crisis of the Revolution and the Tasks of the Proletariat”: Source Evaluation of Documents Composed During the 1930s by the Bolshevik-Leninists 

Academic Life

Bukhina O., Mitsyuk N. A., Pushkareva N. L. Making the Familiar Unknown ("image of the self" as a Subject of Research). Following the Theme of the 2016 Aseees-mag Convention 


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Methodological Problems of Historical Knowledge

Krom M. M. What is a Historical Fact? The Evolution of Perception of a Basic Category of Historical Knowledge

British History Pages

Davidenko A. A. Gender Aspects of Gentlemanly Etiquette in Victorian Britain

Shein S. A. Concept of Traditional Values in the Programme and Strategy of British Conservatives: Elections of 2015 and 2017

Wars of the 20th Century and the Memory of Them

Baranov N. N. World War I in Popular Culture of Memory

Sadakov D. A. For the Extreme Case: USA, SyngMan Rhee and the Everready Operation in the Korean War (1952–1953)

Kobylin I. I., Nikolai F. V. Soviet-style Orientalism: Combatant’s Memories about Afghanistan War

From Parliament to Revolution: Political Processes in Russia in the early 20th Century

Ivankov E. V. «Elective Mood Quiet »: Political Struggle in the Elections to the State Duma of the 3rd Convocation

Bazhanov D. A. Radicalization of Power Institutions on Baltic Navy Ships in Autumn 1917

Economic Policy in Russia

Kosmovskaya A. A. Effectiveness of Russian Tax Policy (the Problem of Tax Arrears in Solikamsk Uezd in the 17th and 18th Centuries)

Balakin V. S. Social History of the Soviet Science: Academicians Vasily Nemchinov and Nikolay Fedorenko on Economic and Mathematical Methods in Optimal Planning (1960s – middle 1970s)

Soviet Man

Kuznetsova L. A. Discussions on the Form and Content of the Soviet Resort Rest (the 1920s – 1930s)

Zorin A. V. The Soviet Army in Czechoslovakia in 1945 in American Messages: Perception, Images, Stereotypes

Glushaev A. L. Atheistic Literature of the 1950s-1980s as a Source on the History of Evangelical Churches of the USSR

Russia of the 1990s: New Realities and Their Perceptions

Latyshev A. V. Tourism in Russia of the 1990s: Professional Expert Discourse

Karpenkina Y. V. «You Have Neither Taste nor Sophistication»: TV Advertising in Russia as a New social Phenomenon and its Perception by the Elder Generation of Russians, 1990–1995

Anniversary of Sergei Ivanovich Kornienko

Anniversary of Sergei Ivanovich Kornienko (.pdf)


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Communicative Aspects of Scientific Knowledge

Gavrilov S. V. Russian Historian Vasily Semevsky and the Free Economic Society

Khudzik S. Yu. "Scientific" History and "Educational" Examples. The Discussions on Historical Truth at the Leningrad Istpart "Reminiscence Evenings" in the Second Half of the 1920s

Nagornaia O. S. Academic Cooperation and Educational Contacts in the System of the Soviet Cultural Diplomacy of the "Cold War" Epoch (1945–1990)

"National issue" as a Factor in the History of Countries and Regions

Bulakhtin М. А. "The Abduction of Souls": Ukrainization of Poles in Eastern Galicia in the Second Polish Republic

Tyurin A. S. "Gypsy Problem" in the Activities of the Chamber of State Properties in the Nizhny Novgorod Province (1839–1866)

Gerasimova V. A. Is Siberia Tolerant? To the Question of the Attitude to jews in Western Siberia in the Pre-revolutionary Period

Kamenskih M. S. Jewish Commissariat and Jews in Public Life of Perm Region in 1918 (On Archival Materials)

Intellectual Agenda in the Inter-War Period: About Wars and Empires

Munz V. A. Science and Lifeworld. Wittgenstein and His Time

Pertsev A. V. Imperial and Private Portraits of Ludwig Wittgenstein

Menshikov A. S. Metaphysics and Genealogy: World War One in the Assessment of Philosophers and Literators

Cherepanova E. S. The Notion of Cultural Topos: Methodological Potential for Studying Post-imperial Situation of the Interwar Period

The Soviet Society

Perova M. A. Space of Children's Daily Life of the Soviet Russia of the 1920s-1930s (On the Example of Kurgan and Shadrinsk Districts)

Ablazhey N. N. Re-Emigration Programme of the USSR in the Second Half of the 1940s

Chudinova M. M. Aristocratism in the Soviet Style, or Weddings Photos Through Historical and Anthropological Lenses

New Research on History

Loukianov M. N. Russian Radical Right on the Eve of The Great War as Seen by the British Historian: Notes on “The Radical RIght in Late Imperial Russia: Dreams of a True Fatherland?” by George Gilbert (London; New York: Routledge, 2016)

Mikhalev N. A., Surzhikova N. V. Energy Fraction, “Moral Dystrophy” and Lend-Lease: a New Perspective on the Food Situation in the USSR of 1941–1945

To the Jubilee of Igor K. Kiryanov

To the Jubilee of Igor K. Kiryanov

Kulikov S. V., Nikolaev A. B. Parliamentary History of the early 20th Century Russia in the Works of Igor K. Kiryanov

Aleynikov A. A., Aleynikova N. I., Chagin G. N. Forest Areas of Historical Significance in the Northwest of the Perm Krai: Features of Detection and Preservation


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History of European Countries and Regions

Mekhamadiev Е. А. Dalmatius the Junior, a Nephew of Emperor Constantine I the Great and the Lower Danube frontier of the Roman Empire in 335–337: a military aspect of problem

Guimon T. V. Documental Writing in a 13th-century Flemish Abbey (a review of two Pavel Gabdrakhmanov’s books)

Filatova N. V. Protestant Culture and Witch-hunt in Scotland: around the image of Evil

Timchenko K. V. The Parliament in Borgo: from idea to reality

Tsyganova I. V. Prince Аlbert and Preparation of the First World Industrial Exhibition in London

Adamov D. P. British Political Elite in the Search of a New Party System, 1922–1924

The Political Crisis in Russia in the 1870s

Spitsina E. V. "Heretics" and "Politics": revolutionary constitutionalism in Russia at the turn of the 1870s and 1880s

Safronova Ju. A. Involvement in the Political: Revolutionary populism of the 1870s as a Community of Readers

Rubtsov A. A. Social networks of Russian revolutionary populism of the 1870s in investigative materials

Social History of the Russian Empire

Zakharov A. V. Komnatnye stol’niki of Peter the Great: reconstruction of the group and prosopography

Sapozhnikova G. N. Acts of the Moscow Princes of the 14th – 16th centuries in historical and philological science of St. Petersburg and Moscow in the late 19th and early 20th century

Volgireva G. P. Concept of "Land Management" in the evaluation of contemporaries (1906–1917)

Dolidovich O. M. "Acrobats of Charity": involvement of children in social work during World War I (on the Krasnoyarsk materials)

The Soviet Century

Ryazanova S. V. The Kama Region during the Period of Renovation Reforms: the choice between tradition and innovation

Metel O. V. From "The Hotbed of the Socialist ideas" to "The Instrument of the Socialist reconstruction": main stages of the evolution of the communist academy

Smetanin A. V. "Director’s funds" at the Soviet enterprises (1946–1964): resource of the transformation of social order

Intellectual History

Yankovskaya G. A. At Home among Strangers, a Stranger at Home. Cultural conservatism of T.S. Eliot

Petushkova D. A. History of intellectuals in French historiography: a conflict of interpretations and the new perspectives


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Archaeology of the Urals and Volga Region

Kosintsev P. A., Kotov V. G., Panteleev A. V., Yakovlev A. G. Use of limestone raw materials in the Ural Upper Palaeolithic based on the materials of the cave Balatukai site

Serikov Yu. B. Biconical arrowheads from the cave sacred place on the stone Dirovatiy (the Chusovaya river, Middle Urals)

Lychagina E. L., Batueva N. S. Neolithic and chalcolithic comb ware pottery in the Chashkinskoe lake region: results of investigations

Vasilyeva A. V., Mingalev V. V., Pereskokov M. L. Complex of the Glyadenovo buildings at Mokinsky I settlement-burial in the context of the development of the Kama region housebuilding

Kazantseva О. А. Grivnas of the Tulva basin population in the 1st-5th centuries (based on the materials of burial grounds)

Matveeva N. P., Zelenkov A. S. About West Siberian invasions to the trans-urals in the migration period

Belyavskaya O. S. BElt garniture and Yugomashev burial chronology

Golovchanskiy G. P., Melnichuk A. F. Christian symbolics in Medieval archaeological antiquities of the Perm Ural

Aspects of Modern Russian History

Belova N. A. Disfavor and exile of the Romanov boyars in the early 17th century: the experience of historiographic understanding

Plate A. The upper summary court of Yekaterinburg: organisation and functioning in 1781–1797

Shishkina E. V. Legislative regulation of the activities of old be-lievers schools in the Russian empire in 1905─1917 (on the materials of the ural region)

Chernykh A. V. The Kalderash roma in Russia in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries

Symbolical and Political in 1917

Ustyugova V. V. Cultural leisure during the revolution: Perm, 1917

Kiryanov I. K. Vestimentary codes of power in the Russian revolution of 1917–1921

Communications of the Soviet Time

Rakov T. N. Zapiski from district party conferences as a reflection of the political moods of leningrad communists in 1925

Habibrahmanova O. A. Transformation of professional space and the position of the scientific intelligentsia of Tatarstan in the 1920s

Chashchukhin A. V. Political communication and public authorities in the "workers’ questions" of the 1940s

Piskunov M. O. Perestroyka and industrial democracy in the ussr: the labor collective of Vyborg pulp and paper plant in 1987-1989

To the Jubilee of Mikhail N. Loukianov

To the Jubilee of Mikhail N. Loukianov


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